Salesforce Campaigns

Salesforce Campaigns are efforts or activities made by a marketing team to achieve specific goals, such as generating leads, promoting products, brand awareness, etc.

In this Salesforce tutorial, I will talk about the Salesforce campaign. I will also explain the steps of how to create a campaign in salesforce.

Additionally, I will show you how to create a report from a campaign in Salesforce.

What’s one way to describe a Salesforce Campaign

A Salesforce Campaign is a set of marketing activities that promote the product to the target audience, raise awareness of new or improved version of your products or services.

These activities are of any type, such as email, advertising, events, and many more. To manage all such things, Salesforce provides a “Campaign Object” that a company can use to organize, manage, and track all campaigns.

Additionally, there are various types of campaigns in Salesforce, which are as follows:

Campaign TypeDescription
ConferenceA Group of people gathers in one place and then are introduced to the new products and services. The best example would be the conference help for the New Tesla new car by Elon Musk in the United States of America (USA).
WebinarA presentation about new products and services is delivered by the company via online or offline mode. This webinar covers how their products solve ongoing issues.
Trade ShowExhibitions, trade shows, and fairs are conducted where companies demonstrate the potential of their products and services.
Public RelationsCompanies maintaining a positive corporate image or goodwill always benefit when it comes to achieving public interest.
PartnersHaving a powerful partner always adds value to your product or services. For example, suppose Microsft posts a link to your post on their website. That way you both will be benefited from that.
Referral ProgramMyProtein is a United Kingdom (UK) based company and they offer a referral program where one can earn by promoting their products. A similar kind of program is done by most companies like Amazon, GoDaddy, etc.
Banner Adswhile driving from San Diego to National City you will cam across various banner ads aware and promoting their products and services. Banner Ads can be small posters or big hoardings that appear on the highways.

How to Create a Salesforce Campaign

You can create campaigns in both Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic. It always saves time and increases engagement.

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How to Create a Campaign in Salesforce Lightning

The following are the steps to create a campaign in Salesforce Lightning:

Step-1: Click on the “Campaigns” object from the “Navigation Bar”, or it can be accessed from the “App Launcher” as well.

salesforce campaigns

Step-2: Click on the “New” button present in the top right corner of the browser. This will open a new Campaign window.

how to create a campaign in salesforce

Step-3: Fill in the details as per your business requirements in the fields. Please note that Campaign Name is the mandatory field and the remaining can be filled later as well. In the below table, we have explained each field: –

Field NameDescription
Campaign OwnerBy default, the creator of the campaign becomes the campaign owner.
Campaign NameProvide a name to the campaign.
ActiveClick on the Active checkbox if the campaign is active.
TypeSelect the type of campaign and refer to the first section to view available options.
Status It all starts with planning and ends at Aborted. The status can be set to Planned, In Progress, Completed, Aborted
Start DateMention the date from when the campaign will be active.
End DateMention the date when the campaign will be activated
Expected Revenue in CampaignHow much revenue is one expecting to be generated with this campaign?
Budgeted Cost in CampaignTotal budget set for this campaign.
Actual Cost in CampaignThe actual amount spent on the campaign
Expected Response (%)Enter the number of responses you are expecting from this campaign.
Num Sent in CampaignNumbers sent in a campaign
Parent CampaignIf this campaign is a part of other campaigns, then mention the name of that parent campaign
DescriptionAdding a description always helps the user.
salesforce campaign

Step-4: Click on the “Save” button after you have provided input and the campaign will be created in the Salesforce Lightning.

how to create a campaign in salesforce lightning

In this way, we have learned how to create a campaign in Salesforce Lightning.

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How to Create New Campaign in Salesforce Classic

Below are the steps to create a new campaign in Salesforce Classic:

Step-1: From the Salesforce “Navigation Bar”, click on the “Campaigns” object; if not found, click on the “+” icon and search for the “Campaigns” object.

Then click on the “New” button to create a new campaign in Salesforce.

how to create a salesforce campaign

Step-2: Fill in the details in the fields and click on the “Save” button. Each field is explained in the table shown in the previous section.

how to create campaign

In this way, you can create a campaign in Salesforce Classic.

How to Create a Report from a Campaign in Salesforce

Reports of campaigns are created so that the efficiency of the marketing team can be evaluated. A representative from a marketing team cannot express himself in terms of numbers only. Using graphs and charts it becomes convenient for both the presenter and the viewer to express themselves.

Additionally, the following are the reports type of campaign in Salesforce:

Campaign Report TypeDescription
CampaignsCampaigns report type general overview of campaigns.
Campaigns with ContactsCampaigns report type deals with contacts associated with campaigns.
Campaigns with Campaign MembersThis report type provides details of campaign members, i.e., leads and contacts with each campaign.
Campaigns with LeadsThis report type works on leads generated by campaigns.
Campaigns with Leads and Converted Lead InformationThis type of report gives information about leads and converted leads by campaigns.
Campaigns with Influenced OpportunitiesThis report type shows the campaign contribution on opportunities.

The following are the steps to create a report from the campaign in Salesforce.

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Step-1: Click on the “App Launcher” and search for “Reports”. Once found, click on it. Or from the salesforce dashboard, click on “Reports” on the “Navigation Bar”.

what’s one way to describe a salesforce campaign?

Step-2: Select the “Category” as “Campaigns”, Select a “Report Type” as “Campaigns”, and then click on the “Start Report” button in Salesforce.

how to create a report from a campaign in salesforce

Step-3: From this page, select the columns that you want to display in the report, add filters, group rows, etc. To learn more about reports, read our blog – How to create reports in salesforce

create a campaign in salesforce

Step 4: Click on the “Save & Run” button to see the output; you can run the run report first and then save it. Once the report is created, it can be shared with the team or can be kept for personal reference only.


I hope you have understood Salesforce Campaigns. I have also explained how to create a campaign in Salesforce and how to create a report from a campaign in Salesforce.

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