Salesforce Survey

Salesforce survey are used to collect data feedback from employees, customers, and partners. In this Salesforce tutorial, I will explain what a survey is in Salesforce.

Additionally, I will explain how to enable, create, and view surveys in Salesforce. I will also show you how to create a report from a survey in Salesforce.

Salesforce Survey

In Salesforce, surveys are used to collect feedback from customers, users, external users, etc. You can collect the information and feedback through the forms.

These forms are created using survey builder, and the data you collected from the users is stored in Moreover you can create the reports and dashboard from the surveys to get deep insights.

Let’s take an example to understand the survey in Salesforce.

Salesforce Survey Examples

For example, your organization is dealing with sales, and you want to get feedback related to the product that you are selling. So, to collect the data from the customers, you can create a Salesforce customer feedback survey form using the survey object in Salesforce.

You can add multiple fields to it, such as text field, long text field, picklist, etc. To create the survey in Salesforce, you need the survey object, so let’s understand it.

Salesforce Survey Object

The salesforce survey object is one of the standard objects that is used to create the form that collects feedback and data from the customers or users.

The survey object stores all the survey forms that you created in Salesforce. Even you can view, delete, and update the surveys that you created.

But there is one problem that by default, this survey object is disabled in Salesforce. Before you proceed to learn to enable a survey in Salesforce, let’s discuss some of the considerations of the Salesforce survey.

Salesforce Survey Limitations

Below are some limitations of the Salesforce survey:

You can only get a maximum of up to 300 free responses from the Salesforce survey. For the rest of the responses, you need to pay charges.

Salesforce surveys are only sent to user, contact, account, or lead records.

You can only add the Send Survey action button on the page layout that has feedback management enabled.

The biggest disadvantage of survey is that you can not include merge fields for other objects that are not supported in survey. You can only include the merge field in the email template of the user, contact, lead, or person account.

You can not use the survey created by the user who gets inactivated later on. You need to create the survey again, and also, if you send the survey by typing the email manually without selecting the related record, you will get an error message.

If you are using the flows, you can not choose the email template for a survey, and also, you can not send the survey invitation email from records that have the owner as a queue member.

You have almost understood each concept about the Salesforce survey, so let’s discuss how to enable the survey.

Salesforce Enable Survey Object

Below are the steps to enable survey objects in Salesforce:

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Step-1: Navigate to the Setup, search for Survey Settings in Quick Find, and click on it.

salesforce survey limitations

Step-2: Enable the toggle button Surveys to create and send them to participants. Also, Enable the toggle button Survey Owners Can Manage Responses that allow survey owners to manage participant responses.

salesforce survey object

In this way, you can enable the surveys in Salesforce. You are now able to create surveys in Salesforce and to create them; survey builder is used; let’s understand what it is.

Survey Builder Salesforce

The survey builder is used to create surveys in Salesforce. You can drag and drop the feature, or you can ask questions that you want to add to your survey. It is the tool that helps the user to create the survey forms with custom colors, font style, customized responded buttons, etc.

You can add as many pages as you want in your survey with multiple questions. The following types of question options are available in the survey builder: date, picklist, like or dislike, long text, rating, multiple selection, slider, and many more.

Even using the survey builder, you can send and analyze the survey that you created for your customers. Moreover, the survey builder comes with two default pages: Welcome and Thanks.

You can use the Welcome page to add about your survey and the agenda of the survey, and on the Thanks page, you can add a thanks message for your customer that they fill in this feedback by spending their time.

The preview feature is also available in the survey builder to check who this survey form looks at the customer ends. In short, a survey builder is a tool that is used to create the survey form.

Let’s use the survey builder and learn to create the survey form in Salesforce.

Create a Survey in Salesforce

Step-1: Click on the App Launcher, search for Surveys, and click on it.

salesforce survey responses

Step-2: To create a new survey, click on the New button. After that, enter the Survey Name, and if you want to use this survey as a template, check the checkbox. After that, click on the Continue button.

salesforce survey object

Now you are on the Survey builder here, you will get two options: Page and Branding. Let’s learn to set the survey branding in Salesforce.

Setup Survey Branding in Salesforce

Step-1: Click on the Branding option and add the Background Image by uploading the file from your system. You can even change the Opacity and Blurness of the image.

salesforce enable survey object

Step-2: You can also add the Logo and Button Labels. You can also change the text color and button color of the question and answer choices.

In addition to this, you can customize the color of the button and the text of the start, next, finish, and previous buttons.

Setup Survey Pages in Salesforce

Step-1: Click on the Welcome Page to enter the welcome message for the customers. Here, you can define the agenda of your survey. You can also change the font style and size, and even you can set the alignment of the text.

salesforce surveys

Step-2: To add more pages, click on the Add Page. On these pages, you can add different questions that you need to take feedback and information from the customers.

To add the questions to the page, click on the Add Question button. It will show you different types of questions that you can create. Let’s suppose you choose the Multiple Selection option that shows you a question for which you can answer multiple options.

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To add more choices for answers, click on the Add Choice option, and you can also add more questions to this page.

Salesforce create the Survey

Step-3: Let’s suppose you want to add one more page; click on the Add Page option, click on the Add Question, and choose the type of question.

For example, you choose the Rating as question type. Enter the question and choose the Rating Icon (Star, Emoji, Thumbs Up, and Heart). You can also change the rating scale.

salesforce survey tool

Step-4: If you want, you can add questions on the same page; for this, click on Add Question and choose the question type. For example, I choose the Short Text option.

Enter the question for which the answer should be between 200 characters only.

salesforce survey builder

Step-5: You can even add the Display Logic that is used to add the condition for questions to display; once added, click on the Save Logic. For example, here I add the logic that this short question will only displayed when the rating is submitted to less than or equal to 3.

how to create survey in salesforce

You can similarly add as many questions as you want on different pages or within the same page.

Step-6: After entering the question, click on the Thank You page. Here, enter the thank you message for your customers. You can also add the image, customize the font style, font, alignment, etc.

how to create a survey in salesforce

Preview and Activate Survey in Salesforce

Step-1: Once you create the complete survey form with all the pages, click on the Preview button to view it. After you check, click on the Activate button.

The pop-up will appear; click on Got It and note down one thing: you can not edit this survey form after activation.

salesforce create survey

In this way, you can create a survey in Salesforce.

Salesforce Share Survey With Users

Below are the steps to share to share surveys with the participants

Step-1: Once you activate the survey, click on the Send radio button given at the top bar.

Step-2: You will get two options to share the survey with participants: either Get an Invitation or Send an Email.

salesforce survey email template

Share Survey using Get Invitation

Step-1: Click on the Get Invitation option to share the survey link; you can share the survey with the company participants or participants outside the company.

Note: For sharing the survey with participants outside your company, you need the permission from admin. Ask your Salesforce admin to select a default Experience Cloud site on the Survey Settings page.

For sharing the survey with the participants in your company, you will get the link to share this link with your employees by clicking on the Copy Link button, or you can Download OR Code also.

You can even set the auto-expiry of the survey form by checking the checkbox and setting the date. Also, you can anonymize responses and allow participants to see their answers if you want.

salesforce survey reports

Salesforce Survey Email Template

Step-1: Click on the Send Email button to send the survey in the form of an email template.

salesforce survey examples

Step-2: You can share the Survey Link or the Question as per the requirement; for this, select the Content Type from the Select Content field.

You will get a preview of the email in the Preview box. After that, click on the Next button.

survey builder salesforce

Step-3: Choose the participants with whom you want to share the survey; you can share the survey with the Individuals or with the Send to List. Select any of the options as per the need.

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After that, click on the Next button.

how to send surveys to customers

Step-4: Enter the address of the participant in the To field and click on the Next button.

Send the survey in salesforce lightning

Step-5: Choose the Invitation Link Settings; you have options like Unique link, Don’t require authentication, and Auto-Expire. Then, click on the Send button.

surveys in salesforce

In this way, you can share the survey with the participants, and, using this shared survey, participants fill out the survey.

How to Track Survey Responses

Once you share the survey, participants fill out the survey, and later on, you can keep track of the feedback they provide you. Below are the steps to analyze the survey responses.

Step-1: Click on the Analyze option that is present at the top of the page. After clicking on the analyze option the survey matrix page is open in which survey responses are shown.

Here you can see that one response is shown in the complete or in-progress responses.

how to track customer feedback in salesforce

Step-2: Scroll down to the Response Dashboard section; it will show you the matrix of the responses question-wise on the page. You can select the different pages from the Select Survey Page and see the response distribution.

how to track survey responses

Step-3: Similar to the above, you can select the different survey pages and check the response. Here, it is showing the rating experience in a bar graph.

salesforce survey examples

In this way, you can view the response to the survey form in Salesforce.

Salesforce Survey Reporting

You can create a custom report type that helps you to analyze the survey question responses. Below are the steps to create a report for surveys in Salesforce.

Step-1: Navigate to the Setup, search for the Report Type, and click on it. After that, click on the Continue button.

salesforce survey

Step-2: To create a custom report type, click on the New Custom Report Type. Choose the Primary Object as Survey Question Scores.

Next, enter the Report Type Label as Survey Question Score Report, and the Report Type Name will automatically fill up.

Additionally, you can add the Description and Store in the Category you need to choose and set the Deployment Status as Deployed.

Then, click on the Next button.

survey salesforce

Step-3: In this report type, you do not need the related object. Finally, click on the Save button.

surveys in salesforce

Step-4: Click on the App Launcher, search for Reports, and click on it. Then click on New Report to create a new report.

Step-5: Choose the Category as Other Reports, select Survey Question Score Report as Report Type, and then click on the Start Report button.

salesforce survey reporting

Step-6: Add the columns that you want to display, and after that, click on the Save & Run button to get the report of the survey responses.

salesforce survey examples

In this way, you can create reports for surveys in Salesforce.


I hope you have learned the concept of surveys in Salesforce and survey builders in Salesforce. I have also explained how to create surveys in Salesforce and how to share surveys in Salesforce, including the surveys in email templates.

Additionally, I will explain how to create reports for the surveys in Salesforce.

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