How to Customize Record Page with page layout in Salesforce

In this Salesforce tutorial, we will learn to Customize a Record Page with a Page layout in Salesforce. We will see the process of customizing a Record Page in Salesforce Lightning because we can create and view a Record Page in Salesforce Lightning only.

Customize a Record Page layout in Salesforce

In Salesforce Lightning, we have a feature to customize a record page layout according to our requirements. By customizing a record page, we can easily access the information we need, perform our tasks efficiently, and make better decisions, leading to better performance and a good user experience.

While working in a Sales team for an organization that uses Salesforce as its Customer Management (CRM) system, the Sales team was facing an issue where they maintain several deals and opportunities regularly and having some difficulties with the current page layout. We later customize the fields and sections of tabs to resolve this issue.

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Customize Record Page with page layout in Salesforce

To Customize the Record Page with page layout in Salesforce, log in to your Salesforce account and follow the steps below. In this scenario, I am using the Account Record Page to Customize its Page layout, and you can use the same method on any record page.

Step-1: On the Setup page of Salesforce Lightning, click on the App Launcher and search Accounts in the search bar and then click on Accounts as shown in the below picture.

Customize Record Page Layout in Salesforce

Step-2: In the Accounts, select an account from the list. I have selected an account named Volkswagon Machines.

Record page layout customization in Salesforce

Step-3: On the Account page, click on the gear icon on the upper side of the screen, and in the dropdown of the gear icon select the object Edit Page.

Salesforce Customize Record Page Layout

Step-4: As we click on Edit Page, it will redirect to the Account Record Page, and here on the page, we have tabs Related, Details, and News. Now we will arrange these tabs according to our preferences, and for that, on the right side of the screen, click on the Default Tab field, and in the dropdown, select the Details option to set it as default.

Salesforce Lightning Customize Record Page Layout

Step-5: Now, in the Tabs field just below the Default tab field, we will rearrange the Tabs position, and for that, drag the Details tab from the middle and drop it on top as shown below.

Salesforce Customize Record Page Layout tabs

Step-6: Similarly, we can customize other tabs, and after making the changes, click the Save button.

Record page layout customization in Salesforce Lightning

Now we have successfully customized the Record Page Layout in Salesforce Lighting.


In this tutorial, we have learned to customize a Record page layout in Salesforce Lighting, In customization, we discussed the rearranging of the Tab’s position and resolved a problem with the help of the above steps.

With the help of the situation explained in the given scenario, we better understood the need when customizing a record page layout was required.

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