Salesforce Page Layouts

In Salesforce, Page layouts control the layout of objects and records and determine which field we want to display on the user record page or which field we want to make visible, read-only, or required. These things we can control from Salesforce page layouts.

In this blog, we will learn about Salesforce Page Layouts in-depth, discussing creating, customizing, and assigning page layouts to profiles in Salesforce.

What are Salesforce Page Layouts

In Salesforce, page layouts are essential for enhancing user experience. By customizing Page layouts, we can organize fields logically, set field properties, and add buttons, actions, and related lists. These layouts can be customized for different Profiles, Roles, and Users within the organization, ensuring that each role can quickly access the necessary information.

The Salesforce Page Layouts also control which fields are visible, read-only, and required. They can be customized for different users and profiles according to their requirements.

Create a Salesforce Page Layout

To create a Custom page Layout in Salesforce, navigate to the Setup and follow the below steps.

1. On the Setup page, click on the Object Manager tab.

2. In the Object Manager setup, select the object in which you want to create or edit a salesforce page layout. In this example, I have selected the Account object.

3. In the setup window of the object, click on Page Layouts.

In the next window, click the New button to create a SalesforcevPage layout. To edit an existing Salesforce page layout, click on the dropdown arrow next to the page layout and select Edit.

Customize Page Layouts in Salesforce

4. To create a clone of an existing layout, we can select one from the picklist Existing Page Layout. If you want to create from scratch, then select None.

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Enter the Salesforce Page Layout Name and click Save.

How to create Page Layouts in Salesforce

5. Page Layout Sections: We can see the Section in the Fields. This helps us add a section for the fields. If collapsible sections are enabled, the sections can then be expanded/collapsed.

Drag the Section to the Fields region in the salesforce page layout. After this, we can select the number of columns, choosing from one or two columns, and the tab-key order.

Add section to Page Layout in Salesforce

6. Field Options: We can drag and drop the fields, on and off from the Page Layout.

Add fields to the Salesforce Page Layouts

After adding fields, click on the settings to set field properties to make a field ‘Read-Only’ or ‘Required’ at the page layout level.

Salesforce Page Layout Fields

7. Page Layout Buttons: From the Buttons, we can add or remove Standard buttons in the Account Detail section.

Salesforce Page Layout Buttons

8. Related Lists on Salesforce Page Layouts: Related lists can be added and removed from the page layout by drag and drop. We can also control the related list properties, including which columns and buttons should be displayed.

Salesforce Page Layout Related Lists

9. Mobile & Lightning Actions: We can add and remove actions from the salesforce page layouts. To add actions, we have to drag them to the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section.

These Actions appear in the Global Actions menu in the header, on related lists, and on list view items. Actions also appear on a salesforce record page in one of several places depending on the action’s type.

how to create page layout in salesforce

10. After organizing the Fields, Buttons, and Actions on the Page Layout, click on the Save button.

what is page layout in salesforce

11. Salesforce Page Layout Assignment: To assign the page layout, click on the button Page Layout Assignment.

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salesforce page layout assignment

In the Salesforce page layouts assignment setup, we can see multiple page layouts for different profiles or record types.

Here, select the profiles to which you want to assign the page layout, then select the Page layout from Page Layout to Use and click Save.

salesforce lightning page layout

As we click on the Save button, the created Salesforce Page Layout will be assigned to the selected profiles.

In this way, we can create, customize and assign the Salesforce page layouts by following the above steps.


In this Salesforce tutorial, we have learned about the Salesforce Page Layouts in Salesforce. We first learned what the Salesforce page layouts are, and then, with the help of the above steps, we learned about creating, customizing, and assigning the Salesforce Page layouts.

By now, you will be able to create and modify the page layout in your Salesforce instance and enhance the user experience in your Salesforce org.

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