How to Update Picklist-Multiselect using Flow in Salesforce

In Salesforce, the picklist-multi-select field allows us to select multiple values for a single field. If any object in Salesforce has a picklist multi-select field and you need to update it, you can do so from the edit feature of that record page.

We can also automate the process of updating the picklist muti-select field with the help of Flows. In this Salesforce tutorial, we will learn to update the picklist multiselect using Flow in Salesforce.

Update Picklist-Multiselect using Flow in Salesforce

To Update Picklist-Multiselect using Flow in Salesforce, we will create a flow to update a custom picklist multi-select field in the Account object. To do so, navigate to the setup page and follow the below steps.

1. On Salesforce’s Setup page, go to the Quick Find box, then search for Flows and select it.

2. In the flows setup window, click on the button New Flow.

3. Select the option Record Trigger Flow and click the Create button.

Update Picklist multi-select using flow in Salesforce

4. Now configure the following trigger conditions to run the flow.

  • In the Object field, select the object containing the picklist multi-select field you want to update.
  • In the Configure Trigger, select the option ‘A record is created or updated’.
  • You can also set the Conditions Requirements for the flow to trigger.
  • Under the heading Optimize the Flow, select the Action and Related Records option.
Use record trigger flow to update Picklist Multiselect field

5. Add an Update triggering Record element to the flow.

Use Flow to update Salesforce multi select picklist

6. Configure the Update records element in the following way.

  • Enter the Label and the API Name of the update record element.
  • Select the option Use the Opportunity (object) record that triggered the flow.
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In the section, Set filter conditions, we will add conditions to update the record; in this scenario, I added the criteria that when Country is set to USA in any record, the Picklist Multi-select field States will be updated.

For this criteria, we have selected Field as Country, Value as Equals, and Value as USA.

Picklist Multi-select update using flow in Salesforce

7. In the section Set Field Values for the Opportunity (Object) Record, we will configure the Picklist Multi-select field that we want to update.

In the Field, select the picklist multi-select field. In this case, it is States.

In the Values, we can see a list of picklist values, but from here, we can choose only one picklist value. So, to add multiple picklist values, we will create a new resource; for that, click on New Resouce.

Use Trigger flow to update Picklist multi select field in Salesforce

8. To create a resource that will update the field with multiple values, enter the below details.

  • Select the Resource Type as Formula.
  • Enter a relevant API Name for the Resource.
  • Select the Data type as Text.
  • In the Formula editor, enter the formula LEFT(Val1; Val2; Val3; Val4). Make sure that you separate the picklist multi-select values with ‘;‘.
  • At last, click on the Done button.
Update Picklist multi-select Values using flow in Salesforce

9. Now that the flow is completed, click the Save button, enter a relevant Flow Label and Flow API Name, and click Save.

Create a flow to update picklist multiselect field in Salesforce

10. Now, to test the flow, click on the Debug button.

11. In the debug window, select the option created or updated and select an opportunity record.

12. Update the field according to the conditions that you have configured to update the records and click Run.

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13. Here, we can see that the flow ran successfully, and the picklist multi-select field values are updated.

Picklist Multi-select update using trigger flow in Salesforce

In this way, we can Update the Picklist-Multiselect fields using flow in Salesforce by following the above steps.


In Salesforce, updating the multi-select picklist in the records is required according to the changes, and automating this process using flows saves a lot of time.

By following the above steps, you might have understood the process of creating a flow to Update the Picklist multi-select fields using flows in Salesforce.

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