How to Export Salesforce Users Data With Data Loader

In Salesforce, exporting the user data is a common task, and one efficient way to do this is by using Data Loader. The exported data with the data loader is extracted and saved in a .CSV file.

In this tutorial, I will guide you through the process of exporting Salesforce users with Data Loader.

Export operations in Salesforce Data Loader

In Salesforce, the export operation in the Data Loader involves extracting data from Salesforce objects and saving it to an external file, generally in CSV format.

We can specify the Salesforce object, define query criteria, choose fields to export, and configure output settings. The exported file can then be used for reporting, analysis, or data migration purposes.

Prerequisites to export Salesforce user data with data loader

There are the following prerequisites to export Salesforce user data with a data loader.

  • Download and install Data Loader on your system.
  • Make sure your Salesforce account has API access enabled. You can check this in your Salesforce settings.
  • You must have a Salesforce account with the necessary permission, preferably admin access to export user data.

Benefits of using a data loader in exporting data

There are several benefits of using a data loader for data management in Salesforce.

  • The data loader can assist in handling extensive files containing up to 5 million records, in comparison to the limitations of the Salesforce Data Export Service, which permits only up to 50,000 records.
  • The user interface is easy to navigate and understand. It automatically translates the query into SOQL as you select your preferred object fields to build your query.
  • Data Loader also provides an alternate command-line interface in the Windows version for automated data operations.
  • The Data loader provides support in data management for all standard objects and custom objects.
  • After the completion of the export operation, we get detailed success and error log files in CSV format that can be accessed later.
  • It integrates easily with the Salesforce platform and can be used by multiple team members.
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Export Salesforce users’ data with a data loader

To Export Salesforce users’ data with a data loader, log in to the Data loader with your credentials and follow the below steps.

1. In the data loader window, click on the Export button.

Export Salesforce user data with data loader

2. In this step, activate the checkbox Show all Salesforce Objects, then select the User(User) data object.

After this select the target file for data extraction, the CSV file will be saved with the name that you enter in this field. In this example, I have entered the target file name as extract user data.csv. At last click on the Next button.

Salesforce User data export with data loader

3. In this step, select the query fields of the data that you want to export. The selected query fields will be created as a header column in the CSV file.

In this example, I have selected the fields Alias, Username, Email, FirstName, LastName, LocaleSideKey, LanguageLocalKey, EmailEncodingKey, TimeZoneSidKey, Currency, Profileid and UserRoleId.

After selecting the fields click on the Finish button.

Export User data in Salesforce with data loader

4. In this warning window, click on the Yes button to proceed with the data export.

Proceed data export from data loader in Salesforce

5. After finishing the operation, we will get a message of success and errors of the export operation.

To view the extracted data in a CSV file click on the button View Extraction.

Export Operation in Salesforce with Data loader

As we click on the View Extraction button the extracted data will open in a CSV viewer.

Export Salesforce Data in a CSV file with data loader

Now we can see in the above image that the selected query fields of the user object are header columns in the CSV file.

In this way, we can export users’ data in Salesforce using the data loader.

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In this Salesforce tutorial, we have learned the method of exporting the Salesforce Users’ data with the help of a data loader and later we successfully extracted the user data with the above-selected fields into a CSV file.

Along with this we also discussed the prerequisites and benefits of using the data loader for export operations in Salesforce.

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