Export Contacts in Salesforce (Using Custom Report Type)

In this Salesforce tutorial, we will learn to Export Contacts with their details from the reports in Salesforce Lightning.

Exporting Contacts in Salesforce

In Salesforce, Exporting Contacts refers to a process where we can Export Contact records and details from the database of Salesforce and save these records outside Salesforce in another format like an Excel sheet.

The report with contact details can display a maximum of 2000 contacts and we can export these 2000 contacts. If we need to export more than this criteria then we need to have permission “View all data” to view all contacts.

While working for an organization that uses the Salesforce CRM tool to track their customer and client data. Once I got a task to export the Contact with their details in an Excel sheet. Now I will show you how I handled that situation and explain to you the process of exporting the contacts and their details in the further steps.

It is compulsory to create a Custom Report type for contacts because standard report types of Salesforce do not provide a report type Where a Contact is a primary object.

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Export Contacts and their details in Salesforce

To Export Contact details from reports first, we need to create a report with the help of a custom report type and then run that report, So login to your Salesforce account, and follow the below steps.

Step 1- On the Setup page of Salesforce Lightning, click on the App Launcher and search for Reports and click on the reports options in the dropdown.

Export Contracts with details in Salesforce

Step 2- Now click on the button New Report to create a report.

Export Contacts from Reports in Salesforce

Step 3- In this step, we have to select the category in which we have created a custom report type for Contact details. In this case, I have a custom report type for contacts in the Accounts & Contacts category.

Contacts Export from Reports in Salesforce

Step 4- Now select the custom report type, Here I will choose the Contacts History report type which is a custom report type for contacts.

Salesforce Export Contacts details from report

Step 5- As we click on the Contacts history report it will open on the report page. Now click on All Contacts to view the contacts.

Salesforce Lightning Export Contacts details from Report

Step 6- Now to refresh the preview click on the Refresh button.

Salesforce Lightning Export Contacts details

Step 7- On the screen, we can see a list of contacts. To add additional columns regarding contact details, click on the Outline tab and select the column you want to add to contact details from the Column field.

Import Contacts to a excel file in Salesforce

Step 8- We have selected two additional columns Contact ID and Email for the contact details. After adding the columns click on Save & Run button.

Export Contact details from Reports in Salesforce Lightning

Step 9- To save the report, we will enter the details in the required fields of Report Name, Report Description and then click on the Save button.

Salesforce Lightning Export Contacts details from contact report

Step 10- Till now we have created and run the report for the contact details, Now moving ahead we are going to Export the Report with contact details, and for that click on the dropdown near the Edit button and from the options select Export.

Export account details to external file in Salesforce

Step 11 – As we click on Export, a pop-up window will appear, and there in the Export View select the option Formatted Report to get the contact details with the header and filter settings. If you want details only in a column without a header, then you can select Details Only. After selecting the export view, click on the Export button.

Salesforce Export Contacts details from reports in excel file

As we click on the Export button, we will get contacts and their details with a header in an Excel format as shown in the picture below.

Export Salesforce Contacts from Reports in a Excel sheet

Now we have successfully exported the Contacts with their details in Salesforce Lightning.


In this Salesforce tutorial, we have learned about exporting contacts with their details from the Salesforce database to an external file. We also learned about what is exporting contacts in Salesforce and later successfully exported the contact details with the help of the above steps.

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