Enhanced Letterhead Salesforce

A Letterhead normalized the information in the header and the footer of an email template.

Recently, I was required to create a custom HTML email template in Salesforce Lightning. While understanding it, I learned that HTML email templates need letterheads.

So, in this tutorial, we will focus on working with letterhead in Salesforce and how to create an enhanced letterhead in Salesforce Lightning.

Salesforce Enhanced Letterhead

An Enhanced Letterhead in Salesforce Lightning is a branding component that we can include in our emails, documents, reports, etc. It typically includes the header and footer, where we can add the company’s logo, contact details, and other design components.

Also, all these components together help to support the brand identification of the business.

We generally create enhanced letterheads to build email templates in Salesforce. When a letterhead is applied to a template, it helps to add branding elements like an email header and a footer.

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How to create Enhanced Letterhead in Salesforce

Now that we understand enhanced letterhead and why we need it in Salesforce, let’s discuss how to create one in Salesforce.

Here are the following steps:

1. Go to the Gear Icon, select the Setup option, click on the APP Launcher, and Select the View All Option.

This will open the App Launcher Menu –> search for “Enhanced Letterheads” and click on this option to open. This will open an Enhanced Letterheads list page.

Enhanced Letterhead options in Salesforce

2. To create a Letterhead in Salesforce, click on the New button in the right corner. This will open the “New Enhanced Letterhead” window.

Create new letterhead in Salesforce

3. In the next window, first, we need to specify the Name and Description for our Letterhead in Salesforce.

Adding letterhead name and description in Salesforce

4. After this, if we scroll down, we can see two sections: Header and Footer. Based on our requirements, we can add content to our Header and Footer section.

Adding letterhead header in Salesforce

For example, in our case, we have added a logo and company address to the Header and given company contact details in the footer section.

Note: Please note that once we click on the insert image icon in the rich tech editor, we can select an existing image. However, we can also upload a new one using the Upload Image option given under Browse or Upload option.

5. Once we specified all the Letterhead information and content, click on the Save button. This will create a Letterhead in Salesforce Lightning.

Letterhead in Salesforce Lightning


In this Salesforce tutorial, we have understood how to create an Enhanced Letterhead in Salesforce Lightning and covered an example of creating an Enhanced Letterhead in Salesforce Lightning step by step.

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