Create community in Salesforce Lightning

In this Salesforce tutorial, I will explain how to create a community in salesforce lightning step by step.

Salesforce communities enable businesses to connect their customers, partners, and employees connected with each other and the records and data they require to execute their jobs.

The topics that we will cover in this Salesforce tutorial are as follows.

  • What are salesforce communities
  • How many salesforce communities
  • Benefits of salesforce communities
  • Simple steps to create community in salesforce

What are salesforce communities

Salesforce Communities are a great tool for connecting staff, clients, and partners in one location. Communities can be created and customized to meet our needs.

Salesforce communities are now referred to as salesforce experiences in the most recent version. Even we use salesforce communities to collaborate and connect with important business contacts outside of your organization.

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How many salesforce communities

In an organization, we can establish various communities. For instance, you may develop one community for partner support and another for consumer assistance.

Benefits of salesforce communities

The idea of developing an online community could seem like a costly endeavor and a difficult effort; but, after we take a step into salesforce we learn how simple it can be.

Communities provide several advantages that assist businesses in the:

  • Connect business employees with business distributors, resellers, and suppliers to increase sales.
  • Improve your interactions with your customers.
  • Deliver world-class service by providing a single location for business consumers to find answers.
  • Resolve challenging organizational issues.
  • Saving time.
  • Enhance the online user experience.
  • Control social listening, content, interaction, and workflow from a single location.

Simple steps to create community in salesforce

Here I’ll explain how to enable community and how to create communities.

How to enable community in salesforce lightning

Step 1: To enable community in salesforce go to Quick Find and search Digital Experience.

steps to create community in salesforce
Digital Experiences

Step 2: Select Settings and check the checkbox Enable the Platform and Save.

enable community in salesforce lightning
Enable Salesforce Community

How to create community in salesforce lightning

Step 1: Select All Sites under Digital Experiences and click on New to create a new community.

create community in salesforce lightning
Community All Sites

Step 2: Choose a Template that ever you required. Here, I choose the Customer Service theme.

how to create community in salesforce lightning
Community Theme

Step 3: Click on Get Started and enter the Name. Optionally we can also extend the URL by entering the name of the theme in the optional box. Finally, click on Create.

create community in salesforce lightning
Creating Salesforce Community

Step 4: Click on Administration.

create community in salesforce

Step 5: Click on Members on the left side and then select All from the dropdown. Now, from the Available Profiles select the Profile to whom you want to connect in the community and move using Add arrow to Selected Profiles. Finally, click on Save.

create community in salesforce
Selecting Salesforce Community Members

Step 6: Select Settings and click on Activate Button. It will show up the pop for confirmation so click on OK.

create community in salesforce lightning edition
Activate Salesforce Community

Step 7: Click on Administration Flip Deal located on the top left side of the page. Select the Builder under MY WORKSPACES.

simple steps to create community in salesforce lightning
Community Workspaces Builder

Step 8: In the top right corner of the page, select Publish. Click Publish again to publish your site after that. At last, click Got It.

Step 9: It will deliver the correspondence to the email address listed on the member’s profile that we choose.

create community in salesforce lightning edition
Publish Community Site

Step 10: The community user will receive mail from the community site (Fil Deal) with a link and username to access the site.

how to create community in salesforce
Community User Mail

Step 11: When you click the link, you will be taken to the login page, where you may enter your username and password to access the community website.

If your password hasn’t been set up, it will show the password reset page, and after you’ve successfully completed the password reset the login page will appear.

create community in salesforce example
Community Site Login

Step 12: It will successfully redirect the community users to the community site.

create community in salesforce lightning example
Community in Salesforce Lightning Example

If you want to learn how to create a community user and profile in salesforce follow the steps given in the articles:

So, with this, we have learned to create a community in salesforce.

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In this tutorial, we have learned about salesforce communities and their benefits. In addition, we have covered how to enable community and create a community in salesforce lightning.

  • What are salesforce communities?
  • How many salesforce communities?
  • Benefits of salesforce communities
  • Simple steps to create community in salesforce

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