Quick Text in Salesforce

Quick Text in Salesforce is the pre-written text that is very commonly used so that users can quickly use it while communicating.

In this Salesforce tutorial, I will explain Salesforce quick text, how to create quick text in Salesforce, how to use quick text, and how to enable quick text in Salesforce.

Additionally, I will give you the example of Salesforce Quick Text and tell you about the difference between Salesforce Quick Text and email templates.

Quick Text Salesforce

In Salesforce, the quick text is the pre-written text that users can use to respond to emails, chats, events, tasks, knowledge, etc.. It saves the users time and effort by removing the need to type the same message in response repeatedly.

Moreover, due to the feature of adding merge fields in quick text, the system automatically picks the relevant recipient-related data and keeps the feel of a personalized message.

Salesforce Quick Text Examples

Let’s try to understand quick text more clearly with examples.

Example-1: Quick Text for Technical Support

Imagine you are working in the technical support department, and after receiving a query from the customer, you always need to send an email to the user to inform them that your problem will be solved within 7 working days.

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Now every time, typing the same message is time-consuming and useless. To save your time and message, you can create a quick text that you can use whenever you require.

Hello [Contact]

Thank you for reaching out to us for technical support. You Case Number: [CaseNumber].

Our team will solve your problem within 7 working days. 

Thank You

Example-2: Follow up with Event Attendee

Suppose you organized an event, and on the next day, you want to send a thank you message and request feedback. So, you create a quick text message and send it to the attendees every time after the event, without spending time.

Hi [Attendee Name]

Thank you for attending our event! It was a pleasure to meet you and discuss on [Event Name].

We would love to here your feedback.

Best Regards

Salesforce Quick Text vs Email Templates

In Salesforce, Quick Text and Email Templates are used for the same purpose but have small differences. Let’s discuss some of the common differences.

Quick TextEmail Templates
Quick Text is the predefined text that Salesforce users can use in email, message, chatter, etc.Email Template is a pre-formatted proper email that Salesforce users use while sending emails only.
Quick Text is written in a simple box without any HTML formatting.Email Template supports HTML formatting to view it like emails.
You can not add any attachments in the Quick Text, such as images or gifs.Email Templates are more customizable; you can add attachments such as images and PDFs.

Quick Text Permissions Salesforce

There may be a chance that some users in your organization can not able to create, edit, and delete the quick text in Salesforce. This is happening because they don’t have permission to do that, but if you want to grant users permission for quick text, you can do it.

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There are two ways to grant permissions for quick text

  • Using the Permission set, you can give access to quick text objects.
  • Using the Profiles, you can give users permission to quickly text objects.

The steps are given below to grant quick text permissions in Salesforce.

Permission Set:

  • Search “Permission Sets” in “Quick Find” -> Edit or Create “Permission Set” -> Click on “Object Settings” -> Find “Quick Text” object -> Edit & Grant necessary permissions -> Save.


  • Search “Profiles” in “Quick Find” -> Edit or Create “Profile” -> Find “Quick Text” in “Standard Objects” -> Give necessary permissions -> Save.

Note: To view and insert quick text, the user needs Read permission, which is by default granted to all the users of org.

How to Create Quick Text in Salesforce

1. Log into the Salesforce account either in Lightning or Classic Experience and navigate to the “Setup”.

2. In Lightning, click on the “App Launcher” and search for “Quick Text”. Once found, click on it.

quick text salesforce

In Classic, click on the “+” icon, search, and click on “Quick Text”.

salesforce quick text

3. Click on the “New Quick Text” button to create a new Quick Text message.

how to use quick text in salesforce

4. Fill the following details

Quick Text NameEnter the name of the quick text.
MessageEnter the message that you want to use as quick text.
Insert Merge FieldInclude the fields to make the quick text personalized.
CategoryChoose the category to which the quick text belongs.
ChannelSpecify where you want to use the quick text such as email, phone, etc.

5. Click the Save button to save the Quick Text message.

edit quick text salesforce

Edit Quick Text Salesforce

You can do the modifications in the quick text, if you want. The below steps define how to edit the quick text in Salesforce.

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1. Navigate to the “Quick Text” object and search for the “Quick Text” that you want to edit.

2. Click on the “Dropdown” given next to it and select the “Edit” option.

salesforce quick text examples

3. Do the required modification and click on the “Save” button.

How to Use Quick Text in Salesforce

You can use the quick text on the various channels as per your requirements. Let’s see an example of using the quick text in the email in Salesforce.

Suppose you want to send an email with a quick text to 20 employees regarding the shipping policy of your company. The steps are given below:

1. Click on the “App Launcher”, search for “List Emails”, and click on it.

what is quick text in salesforce

2. Click on the “Send List Email” button to send email to multiple recipients.

salesforce quick text vs email templates

3. Fill the following details:

RecipientsEnter the email address of the contacts to whom you want to send the quick text.
SubjectEnter the subject regarding the email
MessageInsert quick text. Click on the “Blot icon”, search, and select the quick text by typing the name.
quick text in salesforce

4. Click on the “Send” button to send the email.

how to create quick text in salesforce


I hope you have completely understood the quick text in Salesforce with examples and the difference between quick text and email templates.

You have learned step-by-step how to create, edit, and use the quick text in Salesforce. I have also explained the permissions needed for quick text in Salesforce.

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