How to Mass Update User licenses with Data Loader in Salesforce

In the Salesforce CRM, efficiently managing user licenses is crucial for organizations to adapt to changing needs. Using data loader to assign or update the licenses of the bulk users in the org. this saves a lot of time and updates the user licenses with better accuracy.

In this Salesforce tutorial, we will learn to mass update user licenses with Data Loader in Salesforce.

Data loader to update User License

In Salesforce, requirement changes continuously as businesses evolve, and so do their requirements for Salesforce licenses. Organizations may need to switch users between different license types, upgrade or downgrade licenses, or even reassign licenses to accommodate changes in teams.

This task of updating user licenses can be done manually for a handful of users and can be manageable, but for large-scale changes, a more automated approach is essential. In that situation, it is better to use the Salesforce Data loader that is capable of managing bulk data and it can update mass user licenses with better accuracy.

Mass Update User licenses with Data Loader in Salesforce

To mass update the user licenses with Data Loader in Salesforce, you need the Salesforce Data Loader installed in your system. Also, you need the Salesforce admin license to update the user licenses.

If you meet the above conditions then follow the below steps.

1. To mass update the user license we need to create a CSV file with header columns ID, Name, and Profile ID. Where the ID column will contain users’ IDs, the Name column will be for reference, and the Profile ID will have the ID of licenses.

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2. To get the ID of users in bulk, it will be better to export the users’ details, and for that, follow the steps.

Open data loader -> click Export -> Select the data object User -> Select the location for export file -> click Next -> Select the query fields Id and Name -> click Finish.

3. From the exported data, get the ID and Names of the Users whose licenses are supposed to be updated with the data loader.

Mass update user license using the Salesforce Data loader

4. To get the Profile ID of the user license, go to the Salesforce console, and in the quick find box search and select Profiles.

Then select the profile with which you have to update the license of the users with editing one. In the profile license setup, go to the URL and get the 15-digit code starting from 00.

If you want to update the license with multiple licenses, then you can export the profile IDs from the profile data object.

Update Salesforce user licenses via Data loader

5. Enter the ID of the profile in the column Profile ID and keep it the same if you have to update the licenses with the same profile license. Then, save the file from where it can be accessed with the data loader.

Update User license via Salesforce data loader

6. Now open the data loader and login with your credentials then click on the Update button.

Update licenses of users in bulk using data loader

7. In this step, select the data object User and browse the CSV file that we have created in the above steps. After this, click on the Next button.

Salesforce Update the user licenses with the data loader

8. Now the data loader will initialize the uploaded CSV file. Here, click on the OK button to proceed.

User License update with Salesforce Data Loader

9. In this step, we will map the column headers with object field names and for that click on the button Create or Edit a Map. Then in the next window click on the button Auto-Match Fields to Column, it will map the field name with the header column.

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If the field names are not auto-matched, then you have to drag the object fields down to the column mapping.

After mapping, click on the OK button, then click on the Next button.

Use Salesforce Data loader to update user license in Bulk

10. In this step, select the location to save the errors and successes files from where it can be accessed later. After this, click on the Finish button.

Update Salesforce user licenses with Data loader

11. As we click on the Finish button, a warning message will appear regarding the update operation. Here, click on the Yes button to proceed.

User License update using Salesforce Data Loader

12. Now, the data update operation will start, and after its completion, we will see a dialog box displaying the errors and successes that occurred during the data update.

In this, we have a success message with zero errors which means the user licenses are successfully updated.

Here, click on the OK button to close the Data loader.

Use Data loader to update Salesforce User licenses

13. To view the updated user licenses, open the Salesforce console and go to the license profile to which you have updated the user licenses.

How to update user licenses using Salesforce data loader

As we can see, the licenses of the selected users are updated with new license profiles.

In this way, we can mass update User licenses with Data Loader in Salesforce by following the above steps.


In Salesforce, mass updating user licenses with Data Loader allows Salesforce administrators to efficiently manage licenses according to the changing business needs.

By following the steps that we have discussed in the above example, you might have understood the method of updating the user licenses in Salesforce with data loader and now you will able to efficiently update the user license in your Salesforce org.

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