Salesforce Currency Field

Salesforce Currency Field permits users to enter dollars and any other currency amount and automatically formats the field as a currency amount.

In this Salesforce tutorial, we will learn to create a Custom Currency field for a Salesforce object. The Currency field is available in the Salesforce Lightning as well as the Salesforce Classic Version.

Currency Field in Salesforce

The currency field is used to enter and store currency values within Salesforce records. It can be useful to track the amount if we export the data to Excel or another spreadsheet.

These fields are created to hold currency-related data, such as expenses, amounts, and other financials, for business processes.

Now, let’s move further and see how to create the currency field type in Salesforce Lightning, and the same procedure will be followed to create the currency field in Salesforce Classic.

How to create the currency field in Salesforce Lightning

Here, we are creating the currency field in Salesforce Lightning. Here, we are taking an example. We are creating a custom currency field inside an Account object.

Now, navigate to the Setup page of Salesforce Lightning and follow the below steps.

1. On the Setup page, click on the Object Manager tab.

2. In the Object Manager setup, select the Account object.

3. In the Account setup, click on Fields & Relationships and click the New button in the next window.

Currency field in Salesforce Lightning

4. From the list of Data types, select the Currency option and click the Next button.

Salesforce currency field

5. Enter the below fields, to create the new currency field.

  • Field Label – Label for the custom currency field.
  • Length & Decimal Places – Here, we have to set the length and decimal for the currency field. For example, a length of 10 with 2 decimals will accept values up to 123456789.10.
  • Field Name – It will be auto-filled according to the entered Field Label.
  • Description & Help Text – It is optional to add a description and help text for the field.
  • Required – Selecting this checkbox will make the user enter this currency field mandatorily to create a record.
  • Default Value – Here, we can also assign a default value for the currency field.
Set Length and decimal for the Currency in Salesforce

6. To set up the field level security, select the profiles that can access this custom Currency field. After selecting the profiles, click on the Next button.

Set field security for Currency field in Salesforce

7. Select the Page Layouts from the checkboxes to make this field visible on the layouts. This field will only be visible on those page layouts that you have selected.

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At last, click on the Save button.

Currency length in Salesforce

8. To view the currency field, navigate to the Accounts tab and open the record page. On the record page, you will see the Currency field that we have created.

Salesforce currency field decimal places

This way, we understood how to create the currency field type in Salesforce Lightning by following the above steps.

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In Salesforce CRM, the currency field helps manage financial data, ensuring accuracy and flexibility in various business scenarios, such as managing a sales process and tracking the potential revenue for each sales opportunity.

By following the above steps, you might have understood the process of creating and setting up a Currency field in Salesforce.

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