Create Home Page in Salesforce

In Salesforce, the Home Page is the landing page that a user sees after logging in to his account. It provides quick access to required actions and tabs for the user.

In this Salesforce tutorial, we will learn How to create a Custom Home Page in Salesforce Lightning.

We can create and assign multiple Home pages for the Org default, Applications, and Profiles. In this Salesforce tutorial, we will learn to Create a Home page and then assign it to the apps and profiles. We will also discuss customizing the Home page.

Home Page in Salesforce

Salesforce’s Home Page is customizable and contains sections and components that display relevant data, reports, dashboards, and other tools. From the Home Page, users can easily access the most frequently used features. Salesforce offers a list of standard components that can be used to customize the Home Page.

How to Setup Home Page in Salesforce Lightning

To set up a Home page in Salesforce Lightning, navigate to the setup page of Salesforce Lightning and follow the below steps.

1. On the Setup page, go to the Quick Find box, search, and select Lightning App Builder.

Home Page in Salesforce

If you want to customize the existing homepage, navigate to the Home tab, click the gear icon, and select Edit Page. To customize it, skip to step 6.

Customize default Home Page in Salesforce

2. In the Lightning App Builder, click on the New button.

Customize Home Page in Salesforce

3. In the next window, select the option Home Page and click on the Next button.

Salesforce Lightning Custom Home Page

4. Enter the Label for the Home page and click Next.

How to Create a Home page in Salesforce

5. Select the template format for the Home page and click Done.

Add elements to Salesforce Home Page

6. In this step, we will customize the Home page, where we will add standard components for the Salesforce home page layout. Some of the following standard components are generally deployed on the home page.

  • Assistant – The Assistant component displays up to ten updates about Leads and Opportunities.
  • Recent Records – This component displays records a user has viewed recently for easy access.
  • Key Deals — This displays an Opportunity list that users can filter to show all their deals, deals closing soon, and other helpful list views.
  • Today’s Tasks and Today’s Events – To view the Tasks and Events scheduled for the current day.
  • Performance – It displays Opportunities for the current sales quarter that are closed or open.
how to create home page in salesforce

Apart from the above components, several standard components, such as list views, reports, and dashboards, can be added to the Home Page layout according to your business requirements.

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7. To add visibility for the components, select any component, and on the left-hand side, under the heading Set Component Visibility, click on the Add Filter button.

In this example, I have set component visibility as the Assitant component will be visible to the user Ashley, and for that, I have selected the Field as UserName, Operator as Equals, and Value as Ashley rebelo (username).

Customize salesforce home page

8. After adding the Components and setting up the component visibility, click the Activate button. In activation, we will assign the Home page to the Apps and Profiles to make it visible to the users.

9. In the Activation window, click on the Activate button.

Add Components to Salesforce Home page

10. In the activation window, we have the following three options to assign and deploy the page.

  • The Org default This will replace the default Home page with the custom home page.
build a custom home page for lightning experience
  • The App default —This option causes the Custom Home page to replace the org default home page in the selected applications.
Create new home page salesforce
  • App and Profile In this option, the Home page will be assigned to apps with some specific profiles that can access and view the home page.
salesforce home page layout

11. After assigning the Home page click on the Save button to apply changes in the org.

Create Home Page in Salesforce

Navigate to the default home page or the home page of the application to which you have assigned this custom Home page.

Salesforce home page layout in Lightning

In this way, we can create, customize, and assign the Home page to the org default and application in the Salesforce instance.

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In Salesforce, the Home page is the first page that the user sees after logging in to the Salesforce environment. The Home page should be equipped with all necessary tabs and components according to the user’s profile and requirements, and modifying the Home page simplifies the user’s tasks to access necessary information.

By following the above steps, you will be able to create, update and assign the home page in your Salesforce org.

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