Salesforce Email Signature

The text included at the last of the email that contains information about the contact details of who is sending the email or company branding is known as a Salesforce Email Signature.

So, in this Salesforce tutorial, I will explain email signatures in Salesforce and how to create email signatures in Salesforce. Additionally, I will guide you on how to add an image to your email signature to personalize it in Salesforce.

What is Salesforce Email Signature

An email signature is defined as a piece of text at the end of an email. It can include executive contact details and company brandings such as full name, photos, job title, phone numbers, hyperlinked website, social media icon, and personal profile.

Some of the email signatures that are present at the end can also contain images and hyperlinks, some products and services that are applicable to the email recipients.

Moreover, the email signature that you enter at the end of the email is also called the email footer; it separates them from the main body of the email.

Additionally, adding your email signature gives it a more professional appearance, enhances email remembrance, and supports both individual and corporate branding.

So, let’s learn from where can a new user set up an email signature in Salesforce?

How to Add Email Signature in Salesforce

Below are the steps to add the email signature in Salesforce.

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Step-1: Login into your Salesforce Lightning account. Click on your Profile, or Avatar, which is present at the top right corner. Then, click on the Settings option.

salesforce email signature
How to add email signature in Salesforce

Step-2: On the left sidebar, scroll, find, and click on My Email Settings under the Email section.

email signature salesforce

Step-3: Move to the Signature section and enter the signature that you want to see at the end of the email. You can enter the Email Name, Email Address in the signature.

Next you have to choose which email editor you want to use: Salesforce Email Composer or Default Email Application. Then, click on the Save button.

email signature in salesforce

You can go an check how email signature looks at in the email.

how to change signature in salesforce

In this way, you can add email signature in Salesforce.

Salesforce Email Signature with Image

You can add the email signature with image in Salesforce also. It gives it a more professional appearance. Below are the steps to add email signature with image in Salesfore.

Choose Image to Add in Email Signature

Frist you need to choose the image that you want to add in email signature. Follow the below given steps:

Step-1: Naviagte to the Setup, click on the App Launcher, search for Files and click on it.

create email signature in salesforce

Step-2: Choose the image file that you want to add as image in the email signature and click on it. If you have not upload the image in the Salesforce till yet upload the image.

Note: Make sure the file must be in an image format such as png, jpeg, etc.

how to add image to email signature

Step-3: On the top of the page, click on the Publick Link option and create a public link for an image, click on the Create Link button.

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Then, click on the Create button once again.

salesforce email signature html

Step-4: This link you need to add an image to email, so copy the link by clicking on the Copy Link button.

how to add logo to email signature

Add Image in Email Signature

Step-5: To add an image in the email signature, click on the Profile then click on the Settings option.

how to add image in email signature

Step-6: Click on the My Email Settings located under the Email section at the leftside bar.

how to insert picture in email

Step-7: Move to the Signature section, here you will see the Email Signature text editor where you can create the image email signature.

Enter the content of the Email Signature and after that add the link of an image that you copy in the img src tag and then to adjust the height and width of the image use the width and height attributes.

Here is the syntax:

<img src "image link" width= "10" height= "10"/>

After that, click on the Save button to save the changes.

salesforce html email signature

In this way you can add the image to an email signature in Salesforce.


I hope you have understood how to add email signature in Salesforce and how you can add the image in the email signature in Salesforce also.

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