Salesforce Inline Editing Checkbox

Inline editing refers to the ability to modify the field value directly from a list view on the record’s detail page without navigating to the record’s edit page.

If you want to learn how to inline edit the checkbox, you have come to the right place. We cover this topic in both Salesforce.

What is Inline Editing in Salesforce

Salesforce Inline Editing refers to the capacity to change the records directly within the list view.

This functionality saves the time of the user by directly modifying the record without moving to the edit page of the record. Salesforce gives the capacity to perform inline editing on fields, including checkboxes.

How to Inline Edit the Checkbox in Salesforce

Here we will learn how to inline edit the checkbox in Salesforce.

Let us take an example There is a company that sells lots of electronic products, and the company needs employees who can manage the product warranties.

When the buyer comes and buys the product, they check the warranty of the product is one year or two years, and it’s the responsibility of that employee to activate the warranty. There is a Product Warranty object, and under this object, lots of records are present.

Select one of the records whose warranty we want to activate, click on the pencil icon that is used as an inline editing of the Isactive checkbox, check the checkbox, and click on the save button.

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Here are the following steps:

1. In Salesforce Logning, Go to the App Launcher. In the search box, enter Sales, and Select Sales.

In Salesforce Classic, on the home page, Click on the drop-down arrow on the nav bar. Select one of the objects.

How to inline edit the checkbox in Salesforce

2. In Salesforce Lightning, we are selecting the Product Warranties object. The product warranties page is opened. Under this page, we can see that lots of records are present and we want to inline edit one of the records that has a warranty active checkbox.

In Salesforce Classic, the object record page opens. Under this page, you can see lots of records, but not all the columns of records. So, to see all the columns of records, click on the go button. All the columns related to the records are shown,

How to inline edit the checkbox in Salesforce Lightning

3. A buyer comes to the company and buys an iPhone. The buyer checks the iPhone’s warranty and asks an employee to activate the warranty.

Now, the employee of the company has opened the Product warranty object, and the employee wants to inline edit this record, so simply click on the pencil icon that is present on the right side of the warranty active column.

Inline edit the checkbox in Salesforce

4. After clicking on the pencil icon, click on the checkbox; the checkbox is checked after checking the iPhone warranty active checkbox; our iPhone warranty is activated. Then, click on the save button.

Inline edit the checkbox in Salesforce Lightning

5. The pop-up message comes at the top that your changes are saved. We can see that we can inline edit the checkbox of all the records one by one by simply clicking on the record checkbox column.

Salesforce inline edit the checkbox

In this way, we understand how to inline edit the checkbox in Salesforce Lightning.

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I hope you read the complete article and we get the complete idea related to the inline edit of the checkbox in Salesforce. I have also explained all the steps of inline editing the checkbox in Salesforce.

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