How to mute a Log Call in Salesforce Classic

In this Salesforce tutorial, we will learn How to mute a Log Call. We will see the process of muting a Call in Salesforce with the help of an example. We can only mute the logged call in Salesforce Classic only because this feature is not there in Salesforce Lightning.

Mute Log call in Salesforce

In Salesforce CRM, When organizations have a high number of Calls, in that case, muting the calls is efficient in terms of clearing the space for important calls. Keeping the call logged all time may distract the user so by muting the calls the user can be free from the clutter of logged calls and do important work.

While working in Salesforce CRM, we had a client who want to halt the business with us for a while due to some reasons. So in the situations like this, it is better to mute this call log so that we can focus on other important tasks. This muted call can be unmuted again when we will again start our operations with the client.

How to mute a Log Call in Salesforce

To mute a log call in Salesforce, first log in to your Salesforce account and follow the below steps.

Step 1- If you are logged into the Salesforce Lightning mode then click on the user profile picture as shown in the below picture and from the dropdown click on Switch to Salesforce Classic.

Mute a log call in Salesforce

Step 2- On the home page of Salesforce Classic, click on the Chatter tab as shown in the below picture.

Salesforce Mute Log calls

Step 3- In the Chatter Tab, we will see a list of Call logs, there click on the dropdown of the call log you have to mute and in the dropdown click on Mute as shown in the below picture

Mute a Call log in Salesforce

Step -4 As we click on Mute, a pop window will appear, there click on the OK button for the confirmation to mute the call.

Call log mute in salesforce Classic

As we click on the OK button the call log will be muted and will be removed from the list of log calls.


In this Salesforce tutorial, we have learned to Mute a Logged call with the help of the above steps, and along with that we also discussed the benefits of Muting a Logged Call in Salesforce CRM.

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