How to add a bookmark to Call Logs in Salesforce?

In this Salesforce tutorial, we will learn how to add a bookmark to Call logs in Salesforce. We will discuss the method to add a bookmark to call log in Salesforce. We can only add bookmarks to call logs in Salesforce Lightning mode only because this feature is not yet available in Salesforce Lightning.

Bookmarks in Salesforce

In Salesforce with the help of Bookmarks, users can easily save and access the records and pages. We can add Bookmarks in various Salesforce components like records, reports, dashboards, and log calls. It is easy to access a bookmarked Call log when we have to make some changes, debug, and even for analysis purposes.

How to add bookmarks to Call logs in Salesforce

To add a bookmark to log calls in Salesforce, first log in to your Salesforce account and follow the below steps.

Step 1- After logging into your Salesforce account, if you are in Salesforce Lightning mode, then click on the profile picture on the upper right side of the window as shown in the below picture and then click on Switch to Salesforce Classic.

Add Bookmark to log call in Salesforce

Step 2- On the home page of Salesforce Classic, click on the Chatter tab, where you will get the list of created Call logs.

Salesforce Add Bookmark in Log calls

Step 3- In the Chatter tab, we will see the list of created Call logs and from here, select the log call in which you have to add a bookmark. Click on the dropdown on the right side of that particular Call log and from the dropdown options click on Bookmark.

Salesforce Classic Add Bookmark in Log calls

As we click on Bookmark, we will see that the bookmark is added to a Call log as shown in the below picture.

Add Bookmark in Salesforce Call logs

As we can see, now we have successfully added a Bookmark to a Call Log in Salesforce by following the above steps.

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In this tutorial, we have learned to add a Bookmark in a Salesforce Call log and discussed the process with the help of an example. Along with this we also learned about the use of Bookmarks in Salesforce.

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